Vara Blanca, Costa Rica


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Coffee: Vara Blanca

Farmer: Mario Martin

Region: Santa Maria de Dota

Altitude: 2000m

Process: Honey

Roast: Light

What We Taste: Blackberry, Strawberry, Caramel

How We're Brewing: Cold Brew

Vara Blanca is located in the world famous Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. It is a micro mill run by one of our longstanding direct-trade parters Mario Marin. While we love our relationship with our direct-trade producers, their quality and committment to great coffee is why we stay connected with them in our business. The family and team at Vara Blanca produce amazing coffee, and we’re really excited to continue our partnership for the foreseeable future. 

A testemant to how committed Vara Blanca is to the Well and growing their farm’s reputation on the specialty coffee world stage is that Mario now speaks in english! You can take a look at the video interview on our website’s blog to hear him speak about their farm and the origins. 

We've had their coffee for a few years now, and we've loved it so much that we're offering it as both a pour-over and cold brew again. This is another one of our direct-trade partners originally established in 2019 with our Costa Rica origin trip, and we’re really glad we were able to capture video of Mario on this recent origin trip in 2023.

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Vara Blanca, Costa Rica

12 oz / Whole Bean
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