We Love Coffee. We Love People Even More.

The Well Coffeehouse

We are turning coffee into water. We are a coffeehouse with a bold vision to make a difference in both our local and global communities. As a missional coffeehouse focused on sustainable solutions to poverty, we turn profits into hope. We do this by creating a product you love, serving you with a smile, and giving our profits to people in need. We love coffee. We love people even more.

How we started

We are driven by our purpose to love coffee and love people even more. Our journey began in Nashville in 2012 to build community locally at our coffeehouses and to make an impact globally with our profits by building water wells, prioritizing safe water needs in the countries from which we source the world’s best coffee. Since then, thousands like you have been a part of our community in our stores and thousands now have access to safe water across the globe. So, let us serve you a cup of your favorite coffee, as together we help to serve the world.


7,000 Households

You brought clean water through the Kahawatu Foundation to 7000 households that surround Mushonyi Coffee Washing Station so children no longer have to walk for water.

1,200 People

After a devastating 5 years of drought, now over 1,200 people have access to safe clean drinking water because of you and our local partners Water4!

3,000 People

You brought clean water through the Kahawatu Foundation to 7000 households that surround Mushonyi Coffee Washing Station so children no longer have to walk for water.

Thank You

You have invested in new equipment and built the capacity of local experts at Lifewater International to bring water to previously unreached communities!

360 Students

You brought clean water through Living Water Mexico to communities and schools in Oaxaca, include 360 students at Escuela Margarita Maza de Juarez where water-borne illnesses no longer prevent them from going to school.

89 Homes

Through our partners Living Water Project, Lipscomb University and ADICAY, 89 homes in La Reforma now have access to safe water. Previously, water borne diseases prevented children from going to school and adults from working. Today, water borne diseases have been reduced by 99%!

60 Families

Thanks to you and the Chain Collaborative, 60 families residing in San Antonio del Chaparral now have improved water sources and local coffee farms have been protected from erosion through the planting of trees.

Thank You

You have brought water, health and dignity to those impacted by a devastating tornado impacting and displacing many in our community through ShowerUp, The Laundry Stop and People Loving Nashville.

Since opening in 2012, we have donated over $250,000 and impacted over 50 communities and nearly 30,000 people with clean water, health, & dignity. 

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The Well is dedicated to roasting and serving great coffee. Our mission starts with high-quality single-origin coffee, sourced and grown responsibly from farmers, ensuring a living wage to those who give us their best. Many of the coffee growing communities also struggle with access to safe water.

We love full circle by giving them our best, partnering with locally-based organizations to bring clean water to these communities that will sustain their health and future well-being. The quality of our coffee brings you in. Our mission is what keeps you coming back for more. We take the time to make sure our premium coffee is roasted fresh, bringing out the best out of what each bean has to offer and giving you, our customers, something special to enjoy – whether you grab a cup on the way to work or stop by to experience a unique pour-over offering. Our commitment speaks for itself in every sip.

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