Our passion is for more than just coffee – it’s for the communities we serve. From farmer to roaster, from barista to customer, from store back to origin, we desire to love and to serve full circle. Coffee is the bridge.

We desire to love full circle by upholding our commitments to our employees, as well as our commitments to partnerships with safe water organizations, who provide holistic, integrated programs for safe water access and empower local partners to be a voice of change in their communities.

Global development is messy, long and hard, but it’s work worth doing. Your supporting gifts are truly appreciated. Give a one-time donation of any amount. No PayPal account is required and major credit cards are accepted. Transactions are securely processed.

Since opening in 2012, we have donated over $368,000 and impacted well over 50 communities and nearly 145,000 people with clean water, health & dignity. 

Children Operating Water Pump