Coffee isn't just from SOMEWHERE,
it's from SOMEONE.

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Quality in every cup

We are just as committed to making the best cup of coffee as we are to our mission of providing clean water. From sourcing to roasting, preparing and serving, we strive to constantly improve. Balancing quality and speed, freshness and efficiency, we believe every cup deserves to be savored. Our farmer partners around the world work hard to deliver on excellence. We make sure we do them justice in the last five feet.

Wildly Passionate About Coffee

Although we share thousands of cups of coffee a day with our customers, it’s important to remember where it comes from. Coffee isn’t just from somewhere, it’s from someone. By sharing the journey and experience with others, we honor those who take pride in the coffee, how it’s grown, roasted and served. It’s our delight to share that passionate knowledge with those who experience it in every cup.

People Over Coffee

Relationship matters. We desire to know the farmers who invest their lives in the craft of coffee. We desire to know those who import their coffee and share their stories with our staff and community, celebrating the impact we all get to make together. As Bono once said, “the concept of neighbor is changing,” and our community is changing as we share a cup of coffee across the city and the world.

Fighting for Justice & Transparency

To truly change lives, we have to keep asking harder questions. Beyond providing access to water in coffee-growing communities, we ensure coffee growers are receiving a living wage for their craft. We constantly seek transparency and challenge the industry and our customers to value those who give us the world’s best coffee.

Partner With Us

Our passion is for more than just coffee – it’s for the communities we serve. From farmer to roaster, from barista to customer, from store back to origin, we desire to love and to serve full circle. Coffee is the bridge.

We desire to do what we say by upholding our commitments to our employees, as well as our commitments to partnerships with safe water organizations, who provide holistic, integrated programs for safe water access and empower local partners to be a voice of change in their communities.

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The Well Coffeehouse is a 501(c)3 organization.