Project Scope

El Pajal, Guatemala

Our water partner, Healing Waters is bringing purified water from a river that's 3km away, all the way up the mountain which is over 900m elevation by using 100% solar power! This will give the people of El Pajal and the neighboring community of Cipresales access to purified drinking water and for the first time ever, these people will have access to clean water taps in their home!

How we are contributing

$40,000 Can Help A Lot!

This entire project in and of itself costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. If we are able to raise an additional $10,000, we will be able to donate $40,000 and that will specifically cover the infrastructure needed to pipe purified water from a centralized distribution tank directly to household taps and will serve 500-600 people consisting of somewhere between 120-150 households!!

Will you join us in increasing our impact for El Pajal, Guatemala?