Coffee Highlight: Kahata Estate

Coffee Highlight: Kahata Estate
Michael Galo
Michael Galo

One of the best things and worst things when it comes to working with fresh coffee is running out of stock. Unfortunately we're saying goodbye this week to our beloved Purple Haze coffee. Luckily it has given us an opportunity to find something new! This new coffee out of Kenya is delicious, and it'll be the perfect replacement to one of our pour-over board powerhouses. Introducing the Kahata Estate. We're tasting notes of grapefruit and butterscotch in this one.

If you know anything about Kenyan coffee, you've probably heard of the Kiambu region. Located just outside of Nairobi, it's the most famous coffee region in Kenya and we've had many different crops and varietals come out of the Kiambu region for years now. Coffee plants can be picky plants. They tend to like high elevation and certain climates more than others. Kiambu is perfectly suited with higher elevation allowing the plants to benefit both from cool nights and warm days in the fertile soil.

This coffee is from the Kahata Estate, named after the farmer, John Kahata Mucau. While his estate is small in comparison, Macau has actually installed his own processing station at his estate, a rare endeavor in smaller farms. He does this so he can make sure the quality of his crops aren't lost during processing. This diligence and passion is a great match for The Well and our customers.

Easily our favorite thing about each of our new coffees is pairing it with a water project in the same region. Since this part of the process takes time, we don't have anything to share just yet. We're currently searching for the best way to invest right back into the Kiambu region. We are loving Kahata Estate, and we hope you're going to love this lot as well. Visit us in store for a pour-over or order your own here!

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