Empowering Communities: Clean Water in Malawi in 2024

Empowering Communities: Clean Water in Malawi in 2024


To kick off our water efforts for 2024, we are proud to share our continued partnership with Water for People as we embark on another focused effort to bring clean water to several communities in Malawi. Our commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment has led us to support a comprehensive water project that addresses crucial aspects of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) tailored for the specific communities it serves.

 Woman Carrying Water

WASH Education & Infrastructure:

One of the key aspects of this project centers around WASH education and infrastructure development. Through engaging activities with local schools such as the "Toilet Games," Water for People aims to make learning about general hygiene and menstrual health enjoyable for children. By integrating play into education, we believe it creates a lasting impact on the younger generation, fostering habits that will contribute to healthier communities in the long run.

Children Playing Children Washing Hands

Children Washing Hands

Water Accessibility:

The significance of accessible clean water sources in combating waterborne diseases and improving overall community well-being is essential. This project includes water borehole drilling and hand pump installations to bring water closer to communities, significantly reducing the arduous 2-hour average journey for obtaining dirty water. With water closer to home, women & girls have more capacity to prosper through other efforts such as school, farming, house-keeping, etc. 

Hand Pump 

Water Maintenance Committees:

Sustainability is key to the success of any water project. The goal always to for the local community to lead and maintain their water efforts, so that long after the initial impact foundation is laid it will continue serving the community. Water for People actively involves the community in educating and forming Water Maintenance Committees. These committees play a crucial role in the ongoing maintenance of wells, fostering a sense of ownership and pride among community members. 

Sanitation Committees 

Sanitation Entrepreneurship:

This project goes beyond water acquisition and maintenance to promoting what” Water for People calls “Prosperity through Poop.” Through the support of sanitation entrepreneurship, they incentivize individuals to become business owners in the sanitation sector. This not only helps maintain clean and safe latrines but also creates economic opportunities within the community, driving sustainable development.

Sanitation Entrepreneur 

Government Intervention Efforts:

Recognizing the need for high-level systemic change, Water for People actively engages in sustained relationships and conversations with local municipalities. Facilitating government intervention efforts is crucial for the installation of water pipeline infrastructure in underserved communities. The dedication to this long-term process aims to create a lasting impact on the region's water infrastructure. Since 2000, Water for People has been working in Malawi which now is sustainably serving almost 1.5M people with clean water — BUT there is still work to do in the country of 18.62M.



As we turn coffee into water in Malawi, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering communities, fostering education, and promoting sustainable practices. Through our partnership with "Water for People," we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, creating a legacy of improved water, sanitation, and hygiene practices that will resonate for generations to come. Because of you, our dedicated staff and our good friends at Water for People, we can bring about positive change and build a future where clean water is a fundamental right for all. Thanks for being a part of our story.

Project #74: Malawi is dedicated to Chris Soper. Chris, one of our co-founders and the director of coffee, has spent the last 12 years dedicated to setting the high standards for coffee that The Well has today. We're so thankful for the time and work he has put in and we can't wait to see how God continues to use him.

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