Traveler's Best Friend, Steeped Coffee

We all know the feeling of traveling with bad coffee whether that be on a plane, at a gas station or at your relative's house. We've got a solution to that: steeped coffee.

You might be asking yourself, "Self, what is steeped coffee?" Well it just might be one of the best kept secrets in the specialty coffee world. It's our way of fighting against ever having to experience bad coffee again. Steeped coffee is essentially specialty coffee transformed into a tea bag. What?!

Because of its small size and convenient packaging, our delicious steeped coffee is the perfect traveling companion. No more hassle of bringing coffee equipment or frantically googling "good coffee shops in my area". These are a great way to bring specialty coffee with you, particularly when you're traveling to a remote location.

We're currently offering steeped coffee in our popular Blue Note blend. This is by far the most popular coffee we sell because of its consistent Blueberry and Chocolate notes year round. We've offered it on drip, cold brew, espresso and now steeped coffee.

Don't settle for nasty instant coffee or cramming your suitcase or backpack with your Aeropress. These pack down small, but pack a punch. They have brew instructions right on the back, and all you need is a mug, hot water and 5 minutes.

We want to see where in the world your Blue Note steeped bag goes! Tag us on Instagram (@wellcoffeehouse) and show us where you're taking us. If you can wow us with how far it travels, you might be eligible for a prize!

You may find that sometimes just a few packs isn't going to be enough. If you're a frequent flyer, check out our steeped subscription to make sure you're never out of stock.