Coffee Highlight: Las Margaritas Geisha

Las Margaritas Geisha

Geisha Coffee - Costa Rican Las Margaritas 

It's that time of the year again where we'll be able to offer this Geisha again! To be honest a few of us haven't stopped dreaming of this coffee, since we had it around last time.

What is Geisha, Anyway?

Before it ever was available to us at The Well, this coffee had a long history. As fancy as it sounds, Geisha coffee is an exclusive and rare coffee varietal that has its origin roots from the birthplace of coffee - Ethiopia. It is sometimes referred to as Gesha coffee, as it originates from the Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia.

Flavor Profile 

Known for its exotic floral and delicate flavors, the geisha coffee plant made its way to Central and Latin America in the 1930s. When we tasted this coffee in Costa Rica during our trip a while back, we knew we had to bring this limited special offering to you. This varietal is world renowned for its floral and sweet fruity notes. 

We traveled to nearly 2100 meters in elevation to meet Emmanuel at his family farm, Las Margaritas 26. We hand selected this coffee just from eating the coffee cherry off the tree - floral flavors of papaya and peach. We knew that if the cherry tasted that amazing right off tree, we knew the coffee would be amazing in the cup.

Limited Release

This is only our third time to be able to offer this rare varietal; and because of how well it was received last year, we wanted to open this coffee up to pre-orders before bringing it to our stores. If you want to make sure that all the bags aren't instantly swiped off our shelves, make sure order soon to get your bag of Geisha sent directly to you when we release them November 1st!