March is Costa Rica Month

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Celebrating Direct-Trade Costa Rican Coffee all March

Not that long ago the Well's roaster and leadership team went out on a quest to find some incredible direct-trade partners. We headed over to Costa Rica as it's an absolutely amazing coffee-producing country with a wide range of flavors, varietals and new innovative strategies in the coffee farming industry. We found a handful of farms that we've partnered with, and now has come time to once again display the literal fruits of their labor.
Welcome to Costa Rica Month, 2022.
If we were to go in-depth about all of these coffees and farmer stories, we'd be here all day. We want to highlight one farm in particular to give a good insight into our relationships with the farmers in CR.
Vara Blanca. Vara Blanca is located in the world famous Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, Santa Maria de Dota specifically. It is a micro mill founded by Mario Marin, and it is aided in large part by his two sons Misael and Pablo. Mario has been a long time vet of the coffee industry, but admitted to us that he really has only enjoyed it for the last several years due to his sons' innovative new agricultural techniques.
Pablo and Misael are so innovative in fact that their family was kicked out of the local coffee CO-OP due to their experimental methods of farming and coffee producing - even creating brand new brew methods! We at the Well champion fresh ideas, innovation and bold coffee entrepreneurs, so naturally this was a good fit for us to help invest in. These guys are pioneers in artisanal, specialty coffee instead of settling for a cash crop. We have them to thank when sipping our morning brew.
Their coffee grows in absolutely excellent conditions where the climate and elevation allows for some really interesting flavors to be produced. We've had their coffee for a few years now, and we've loved it so much that we're offering it as both a Pour-Over and Cold Brew for the second year in a row. With tasting notes of Stone Fruits, Apple and Caramel it's not hard to make this coffee taste amazing in the cup.
Our friend and liaison to the Costa Rican coffee world, Ricardo, sent our staff a video from the Vara Blanca farm. Take a look.
Ricardo on CR Coffee
We'd be remiss not to mention the other coffees we're bringing in this year for Costa Rica Month 2022. We have a lot of exceptional coffees to offer in the midst of a very poor year for coffee quality, so make sure to try them all out while supplies last.
In addition to Vara Blanca this year we're also offering:
  • Las Margaritas Geisha
    • Tasting Notes: Papaya, Peach, Floral
    • Brew Method: Pour-Over
  • La Chumeca
    • Tasting Notes: Rose, Pomegranate, Red Wine
    • Brew Method: Pour-Over
  • Tico Blend
    • Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Currant, Caramel
    • Brew Method: Light Roast Drip
  • Don Claudio
    • Tasting Notes: Cherry, Citrus, Caramel
    • Brew Method: Espresso
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