Coffee Highlight: Finca La Camotera

Coffee Highlight: Finca La Camotera
Well 2022 has certainly kicked off with flare here in Nashville, especially with the snow. Thank you to everyone who's been patient with the snow days and delayed shipments. There's nothing quite like sipping a cup of coffee watching the sunrise over a blanket of snow, especially when it's our Finca la Camotera. Today we want to highlight one of our best-selling and longest running coffees, sourced out of Honduras.

Our Origins with Finca la Camotera

What makes this coffee so important to us? When we started roasting our own coffees a few years ago, Finca La Camotera was our very first direct-trade partnership. We are very proud to have worked with Edi down in Honduras, and to be able to, year over year, see the changes in this lot of coffee. We constantly strive for high quality products and better service, but something we want to be known for is our drive for sustainability in the coffee industry. It takes a lot, and these past couple of years have been particularly straining for the coffee-growing world. We're honored and proud to be serving this coffee for almost 4 years now!

Tasting Notes and Brew Tips

Attention coffee nerds! This year's lot of Camotera has balanced tasting notes of Cherry, Woody and Chocolate making it a true all-purpose coffee. Putting it mildly, this coffee is versatile. We're using it for practically everything right now in our cafes because of how well it has displayed on many different brew devices. For starters, we're currently pulling this as our single-origin espresso. It's delicious, and it tastes particularly good as a 6oz cappuccino. We're also using it as our light-roasted drip coffee. It's not the first time, nor likely the last time, that we've used it on drip. It's so approachable and easy-drinking that it's a perfect drip coffee for us. Lastly, we're offering it as a 12oz pour-over, because this coffee shines when it's brewed carefully. If you're looking for the full experience, try it out on espresso and pour-over.


As with almost every coffee we release, we've also paired this long-standing coffee with a water project in Honduras. Our partner in the region, The Chain Collaborative, has helped us invest in an area where we were able to protect a water source by helping reforest an area with local trees! This another example of how sometimes a well doesn't need to be a well. By partnering with the local community and The Chain Collaborative, we were able to protect a much needed water source for farming and invest in the future of our coffee-growers in the area. All of this is made possible because of YOU. Each time you grab a bag of Finca la Camotera, remember that you're choosing not only to have a delicious and versatile cup of coffee; but you are directly impacting the lives of so many.
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