New Year's Reso-Brew-tions

New Year's Reso-Brew-tions
Welcome to the first week of 2022. But first, coffee.

We'll get straight to the point, since we're all sleepy from the holidays. New Year, New Coffee: every few weeks. Now through January 9th, we want to offer for first-time subscribers a 20% off coffee subscription. No more need to come get a bag from the store or UberEats one to your house. We'll ship it to your house or office every few weeks, so you stay stocked during the time of supply chain hangups. Just click here and the discount will be automatically applied. Or use code NEWYEAR at checkout.

We want you to be able to kick off the year well-caffeinated and stress-free.

Starting off the new year automatically puts a lot of images of first time gym-goers, juice cleanses and of course resolutions. Now I don't want to be a Negative Nancy (apologies for all y'all named Nancy), but many times these resolutions tend to be forgotten by the end of January.

A great way of turning resolutions into reality is by making sure they're actually reasonably attainable. For instance, for 2022 I want to expand my coffee palate. Easy enough. We've got plenty of articles of how to taste, how we choose and score coffee and even the aforementioned coffee subscriptions to help you out there.

We've got a few resolutions of our own.

We want to be able to provide more clean water, search and roast even better coffee than last year, and open up our Koinonia cafe on Music Row. We can't do this alone, but we are certain we can do it together.

Sincerely thank you for all of your support and kind words throughout 2021. It was a wild ride.

Raise a mug to 2022. The year where we'll turn 10 and reflect on a decade of clean water and delicious coffee.
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