Ending 2023 with Our First Impact in India

Ending 2023 with Our First Impact in India
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Ending 2023 with Our First Impact in India

The Water Crisis in India

India, with 18% of the world's population but only 4% of its water resources, grapples with severe water stress. The impact of climate change exacerbates the challenge, causing unpredictable swings between monsoons and droughts, further destabilizing water supplies. In rural areas, just over half of drinking water and sanitation sources are safely managed, while urban areas face even lower rates of safely managed sanitation. Because of all of these factors, we knew this was an area that we’d like to impact. 

Water for People's Approach in India

A Beloved partner against the global water crisis, Water for People, operates across Bihar, Maharashtra, and West Bengal, endeavoring to ensure access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services for every community, household, and institution. Their strategy is multifaceted, engaging with local governments, communities, and sector partners. With a focus on policy influence, systems strengthening, and an intersectional approach targeting climate change, health, gender, and behavior change, they aim for comprehensive impact. We’ve partnered with Water for People in many areas of the globe, and they’ve shown a tremendous track record of sustainable, transformational change. We’re excited for our first impact in India with them. 

So, How Are We Impacting?

Here are just a few of the initiatives Water for People is impacting in the region:

  • Water System Installation and Technical Support: Providing technical assistance to governments and installing/rehabilitating water systems in communities and public institutions.
  • Women-Led Water Committees: Empowering women and girls on ownership of the water systems, overseeing the water systems sustainability and maintenance education.
  • Entrepreneurship and Capacity Building: Training local entrepreneurs in maintaining and repairing water systems, and supporting burgeoning sanitation entrepreneurs through the offering of micro-financing loans.
  • Menstrual Hygiene: Empowering girls through menstrual hygiene training and support.

Ensuring Inclusivity and Sustainability

Water for People's commitment to inclusivity is evident in their focus on vulnerable and excluded populations, including the extreme poor, low-caste, and tribal communities. Their aim is to ensure these marginalized groups have equitable access to safe water and sanitation services.  

A Shared Vision: Customers & Employees as Changemakers

Our customers aren’t just patrons; they are partners in our mission to Turn Coffee Into Water. Your continued support over the years, one cup at a time, has been the driving force behind our ability to impact communities locally and abroad. With every purchase, you’ve not only experienced our coffee but also fueled the pursuit of a larger purpose and ensuring access to clean water.


Additionally our dedicated staff is the heartbeat of our mission. Their commitment and passion extend beyond serving coffee; it resonates in the collective effort to channel their work towards meaningful change. Their dedication has been inspiring and critical in our impact in regions facing water scarcity. 

See What Water Means in India

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