Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide
Michael Galo
Michael Galo
We are so excited for the Holidays! Serving coffee is such a fun environment to be in during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, especially for those looking to get out and shop for their friends and family. This year we wanted to clue you in on how you can shop for the coffee addict or Well enthusiast in your life as well as the impact you're making. Read on to see which coffees, gear or experiences you're looking to gift this year.


First and foremost, coffee. Coffee is what we love, what we do and we're proud that coffee is how we make our impact with water locally and globally. We have a truly wonder line of coffees currently on rotation, some of which aren't usually available until the turn of the new year. While we could talk about each of them individually like they're our children, we wanted to highlight a few that stand out.
How could we not kick off the Christmas coffee discussion without mentioning our Christmas Select! With tasting notes of Berry, Tobacco and Molasses, this specialty Indonesian coffee brings with it the warmth and comfort of the holiday season. This coffee is perfect to have on tap during the festivities for when you're entertaining family.
While the Christmas Select is perfect for the season, the coffee purists and snobs out there (ourselves included) tend to lean toward single-origin, light-roasted coffees. This year's fully matured Costa Rican Las Margaritas 26 Geisha is proudly one of the best coffees we've ever served. Hailing from the origin of coffee on earth and comprised of the rare Geisha varietal, this delicate coffee has tasting notes of Papaya, Caramel and Peach. This is the kind of coffee you want to bring to your black tie affair Christmas gatherings.
Last and certainly not least is our BlueNote flagship coffee. It's our most beloved, ever-present and wonderfully balanced medium-roast drip coffee with tasting notes of Blueberry, Chocolate and Floral. If you don't know what coffee to buy in any situation, this is the answer.

Coffee Equipment

To brew up all of those coffees you're going to need some gear. While we could nerd out on all of the various coffee gadgets and do-dads out there, we try to keep it simple in what we offer to not over-complicate this delicious beverage. We try our best to make the barrier for entry into the specialty coffee world low, even offering coffee education classes.
We've got a selection of brew devices from the famous and beautiful Chemex to the incredibly fun and versatile AeroPress, with several in-between. We've got hand grinders, home-brewing grinders and professional barista grade espresso grinders. We have electric and stove-top kettles, coffee scales, and all the many flavors of coffee filters that exist. In short, we've got all you need to get started into the world of specialty coffee home-brewing.

Coffee Classes

Perhaps the best gift and experience you can get or give from us is our coffee education classes. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we've learned a lot. One of our favorite things on earth is being able to share that knowledge and passion with our customers. This year for the first time ever in our business, we decided to offer coffee education classes straight out of our Nashville Roastery and Coffee Lab.
With currently both Home-Brewing 101 and Coffee Cupping classes available, this is the perfect gift for those who would prefer an experience over an item. Learn from one of the only currently certified Nashville Q-Graders in how to brew, what to taste and how to score coffees like a professional. With class sizes capped at 8, these are perfect for a hands-on experience where you will learn a ton with an attentive teacher.


As always the purchases you make here at the Well go far beyond our four walls. This time of year, in connection with our Sumatran Christmas Select and Giving Tuesday focused effort, your purchases are going to help with restoring a weathered water pipeline that serves a coffee farming community at high elevation in Aceh. If you want to read more specifically about this coffee or water project, make sure to read our article about this HERE.

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