Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Peppermint Mocha

We are so excited for the Holidays! Serving coffee is such a fun environment to be in during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, especially for those looking to get out and shop for their friends and family. This year we wanted to clue you in on how you can shop for the coffee addict or Well enthusiast in your life as well as the impact you're making. Read on to see which coffees, gear or experiences we have on offer this year.


First and foremost, coffee. Coffee is what we love, what we do and we're proud that coffee is how we make our impact with water locally and globally. We have an amazing cast of coffees currently on rotation, some of which we personally went down to Costa Rica to source. While we could easily talk about each of them, this year we wanted to highlight a few that come in a bag, a pod, a can and gifted straight to your door.

Christmas Blend

How could we not kick off the Christmas coffee discussion without mentioning our Christmas Blend! With tasting notes of Cranberry, Dark Chocolate and Spices, this specialty blended coffee brings with it the warmth and comfort of the holiday season. This coffee is perfect to have on tap during the festivities for when you're entertaining family. 

Christmas Blend

Sustainable Coffee Pods

This year we’ve launched a project that’s taken us a long time to land on. Coffee Pods for K-Brewers that don’t ruin the earth. These new coffee pods are 100% compostable, which means you can have delicious coffee, made-easy, without any harm to our planet. If you’re in a hurry, throw in one of our pods and save the world.

Coffee Pod

Canned Coffee 

Last and certainly not least is a brand new addition to our coffee line-up, Canned Iced Coffee! This is our first time getting into the world of canned coffee, and we’ve gotten great feedback of our first run.

Now you can enjoy one of our top blended coffees - TICO Blend - canned for any situation you find yourself in. These are great for mornings around the campsite on the weekends or a little office treat in the afternoons to power through the last few hours in the workday.

Canned Iced Coffee

Gift Coffee Subscriptions

As the famous philosopher Cousin Eddie once said, “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Gift Coffee Subscriptions are a fantastic gift for almost anyone during the Holiday season, even if you’re gifting yourself the headache of dealing with running to the store this Winter. There’s nothing like the joy of seeing the wrapped Coffee to Water bag show up in your mailbox with whatever new coffee we’re serving. With variable lengths of time, this is a great way to treat someone this season. 

Coffee in Mailbox

Well Apparel & Accessories

Share your advocacy of clean water for all by gifting some clothing or accessories to the Well enthusiast in your life (even if its you!). We have a bunch of new shirts, hats, socks and even sweatshirts this holiday season.

We are Turning Coffee Into Water together, and that’s something you can be proud of. Show it off through our totes, mugs, glasses, or whatever way fits best in your day to day.

Coffee Classes

Perhaps the best gift and experience you can get or give from us is our coffee education classes. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we've learned a lot. One of our favorite things on earth is being able to share that knowledge and passion with our customers. Over the past year we’ve been able to offer Coffee Education Classes out of our Nashville Roastery, Fishers Cafe and now our Koinonia Cafe.

With currently Cupping Classes, Home-Brewing 101 and Latte Art Basics classes available, this is the perfect gift for those who would prefer an experience over an item. Learn how to brew, what to taste and how to score coffees like a professional. With class sizes capped at 8 (4 for latte art), these are perfect for a hands-on experience where you will learn a ton with an attentive teacher.

 Coffee Class

Gift Cards

When all else fails, there are gift cards. Everyone knows someone who could use a little boost of caffeine in their week. These are amongst the most popular gift for the teacher, nurse or other early riser in your life that helps make your day a little easier. These are easy stocking stuffers, and we recommend grabbing a handful to treat someone this season. 

Gift Cards under a tree


As always the purchases you make here at the Well go far beyond our four walls. A portion of every purchase goes towards providing clean water around the world in regions that need it most desperately. While we have the luxury of enjoying great coffee, food and presents around the Christmas tree, we want to make sure that we keep our friends without water top of mind. The best gift we can give them is by turning our profits into hope

We genuinely hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas, and that you would consider us in your holiday plans this season. Merry Christmas!

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