How Many People Your Coffee Journey Impacts

How Many People Your Coffee Journey Impacts

How Many People Your Coffee Journey Impacts

At The Well Coffeehouse, we believe that every cup of coffee can make a difference. That cup of coffee can be enjoyed at home, in our cafes or even sold by our wholesale customers. By choosing our coffee, you’re choosing to provide clean water to those who need it most around the world. Your dollar, your impact, your cup goes further. 

Our journey began in Nashville in 2012 to build community locally at our coffeehouses and to make an impact globally with our profits by building water wells, prioritizing safe water needs in the countries from which we source the world’s best coffee. Since then, thousands like you have been a part of our community in our stores and thousands now have access to safe water across the globe.

Want to see your personal level of impact? Take a look below.


Which Customer Are You? 

Coffee Subscriber, Retail Customer or Wholesale Account?


Greeting Customers at the Coffeeshop Register 

Retail Store Customer:

Fueling Change, One Visit at a Time

If you're a regular at one of our retail stores, your visits are more than just a coffee break. By coming twice a week throughout the year, you're ensuring that one person gains access to clean water that year. If you are coming in daily (or sometimes more!), you can be proud and rest assured that your decision to see us has changed at least one life.

With an average transaction of $10, it takes just 120 store transactions to provide clean water to one person on average for a year. That’s roughly 2 days a week over the course of a year, and we know that many of our regulars are in way more than that!

 Coffee Bags

Coffee Subscriber:

Enjoying our Coffee at Home Changes Lives

Choosing to be a coffee subscriber for 12 months is all it takes to provide clean water to one person for an entire year. Even if you live out of state and away from our cafes, we want to invite you into our mission. If you’re a local Well cafe customer and a coffee subscriber, your impact goes even further! Drink our coffee for a year, give someone clean water for a year. It’s that simple. 

The average subscriber frequency ebbs and flows depending on the individual or family. Some months you might drink 1 cup a day, some 2 cups or more a day; however, if you finish one of our 12oz bags roughly every 10 days, that will result in providing clean water to 1 person for a full calendar year. Woo! Just by drinking coffee at home or your office, you’re making an impact.

 Wholesale Bags

Wholesale Customer:

Brewing Transformation, Wholesale Style

For our terrific wholesale customers, your impact potential is even greater. You have the ability to make change at scale, just by choosing our coffee. Not only will you receive beans you can be confident have been sourced sustainably, you can serve them with joy of knowing it won’t only change the lives of your customers - but provide water to many others.

With an average monthly order of $300, you're providing clean water to three individuals over the course of the year. But if your commitment extends to an average monthly order of $1200, that's an astonishing twelve people with clean water for an entire year. Look at what we can do together!

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