Sumatran Christmas Select & Giving Tuesday Water Project

Sumatran Christmas Select & Giving Tuesday Water Project

Christmas Select & Giving Tuesday Water Project

One of our most anticipated coffees each year is our Christmas drip coffee. We rotate this coffee on drip for the season and into the new year, and it's one of our most beloved coffees each holiday season. The only complaint we get is that it's not around long enough! So this year we're going to be releasing this coffee just ahead of the Thanksgiving  weekend, so you can get a couple of bags early for all of the extended family to enjoy together.

Why this Coffee is Unique

This year's Christmas Select is a coffee out of Sumatra. Indonesian coffees tend to get overlooked in the specialty coffee market, which makes us even more excited to bring you a delicious new Christmas drip coffee from Sumatra. It gives us an opportunity to advocate for these coffee producers and more variety in our cafes. It is going to be one of our drip coffees this Christmas season, so we encourage you to change up your morning routine slightly and give this a try!
One of the primary factors that makes this coffee unique is in its processing and drying stages before it ever reaches us. Due to the elevation and high humidity of Sumatra, this coffee doesn't get nearly as dry as other coffees do. Farmers will instead begin hulling the beans while they are still wet. This is known as Indonesian wet-hulled coffee or "gilling basah". It is only known to be used in Indonesia making this coffee very unique in the flavors that process produces.

Water Impact

In 2021 we similarly had an Indonesian coffee as our Christmas Blend for the season. As profits allow we try to connect each coffee we roast and serve to have a water impact in the region where it's grown. Last year we were able to partner with one of our most beloved coffee importers, Sucafina, in contributing to a water project in Aceh. This year for Giving Tuesday, we're looking to continue this work.
Coffee farming is at higher elevations most of the time worldwide. The elevation level can affect certain crop diseases, crop flavors and crop varietals that can be grown. Higher elevation can also complicate the most basic of utilities we enjoy everyday, such as reliable water. When we were approached by Sucafina about this project, the primary issue was that water in the dry season could not reach this community.
There are water catchment tanks in the surrounding hills that are the primary source for water that allow for passive rain water collection. Additionally there is a piping system that connects to these catchment tanks where the village below will transfer water to the farming community above. During the dry season the village below will turn off these pipes to conserve water, so these catchment tanks are very important.
Unfortunately there was a great number of cracks and leaks within the catchment tank and all along piping leading below. Because of the support of YOU in collaboration with Sucafina last year, we were able to help repair and restore one of the water tanks and replace the cracked portions of the piping system with new pipes allowing for more consistent and reliable water.
This year we're looking to continue the work we started in the region. Last year we were able to restore and replace critical issues, but clean water access requires more effort for sustainability long term. This year we hope to continue by not only continuing to replace damaged sections, but to fortify the system so that it lasts longer without needed aid. This should provide peace and stability, and we know that it will bring some much needed rest and assurance in water insecurity for those in the community. 
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